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Karopa på kurs


Första projektet att stödja

Om vårt bidrag

I Kenya kommer inte röstkortet i brevlådan när det närmar sig val. Man måste ta sig till ett kontor och registrera sig som väljare och man måste då medföra en giltig ID-handling.

Vår samarbetspartner KAROPA ville gå runt och knacka dörr för att uppmuntra folk att registrera sig. Det handlar alltså inte om vem man ska rösta på utan att man ska rösta, en grundpelare i byggandet av en demokrati.

Friends of Kabondo beslutade att vi skulle lämna bidrag till ett mål mat och en flaska vatten om dagen, papper och toner till kopiering samt en liten summa som uppmuntran till valmobiliserarna. 12 personer knackade dörr i 8 dagar, deras rapport kan ni läsa här. Vi bidrog med skr 3 800.-



in Kabondo Kasipul Constituency between the dates of 10th – 19th December 2012.

The CBO managed to work on a programe that ensured that the team who went out to call the people to take part in the voter registration went successfully. The officials had to prepare the team with tools and ideas of approach to the mobilizers who were picked from the CBO members. We had to design a questionnaire with sweet slogans in Luo as it’s the only language that the common villagers understand so well i.e. ‘’ be iyie yiero jatelo ma jaratiro mabiro rito singo ‘’, ‘’ to be ise ngado ombulu? To kapodi to tim kamano mondo ibii ingad buru makare ka ochopo’’ ( Do you wish to elect a leader of integrity who will fulfill his pledges and if so have you got yourself registered as this will make you make the right choice of the leader you wish to have when elections comes).

We even made sure that the our team get easy time in the field by making them identification card badges with the good description of who they are and from which organization come from, the CBO logo was incorporated in the badges this help market the CBO apart from the identification purpose.

Our group of mobilizers went round in the villages where they managed to come across 2018(Two thousand and eighteen people of the age of 18 years and above, believed to be in a position of holding national ID and voters card . Among these people two thirds were females the rest being male within approximate of 400 homes.

Our team realized that three quarters of these people had not got listed citing various issues ie.

  1. Some claimed that they have participated in quite number of elections in the past but no change had come out of those elected people full of empty promises.

  2. Some talked of their experience of the last election of where they lost property and lives of their relatives thus they fear participating in elections.

  3. Others were just too busy to attend the registration centers and hoped to do so should they get time as a result of people working in the farms to harvest beans.

Our teams tried their best to advice and encourage all those they met to take part on the voter registration that was taking place. They had to lobby so hard that it was important that each one had the opportunity of choosing the best candidates for the posts that were to come out of the election to be held 2013 march fourth.

The entire membership of Karopa Integrated CBO is wishing to say big thanks to the support they got from the Friends of Kabondo through the funding, the funding made it possible for the organization of the event from the beginning to end of the program where the team of mobilizers had to get some appreciations fee for taking their time to participate on a very difficult work of walking through the village. Another big up goes to those members of Karopa who managed to take their time in participating in a very important national event.

May God bless all of us we wait to go into the election of 4th March, 2013.

Martin Njoga, Chairperson

Paul Opiyo, Secretary

James Ojwang,Co-ordinator

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