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Se James rapport längst ner


I hope you are all doing well. Here we are working hard with the interlocking soil blocks they are really coming out so nice! Waaah! you can not imagine the great energy the youths of Karopa have shown in pulling the machine to produce the blocks and the villagers are not left behind either as they thromb our working place.
The weather is not much favorable but we have so far made 200pcs by 1500 hours when the sky turned crazy on us and rain fell. We did our best to cover the blocks not to be washed by the rain and even covered the already dug and sieved soil ready for work tomorrow morning. We hope the rain will not be too much to cause more trouble to us.
I have attached some of the pictures during the block production to you to have a look. We wish the FOK board and FS application the best during your forth coming meetings.
Warm regards.

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