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Se James rapport längst ner


Yesterday we visited EcoSan Latrine at Mama Angeline Ouma Naman home at Nyapalo, she took us round and showed us how the latrine is used and the benefit she has seen during the time that she has used the latrine and how hopefully she is to get a good fertilizer from the latrine. We realized that she does not collect the urine well as you can see in one of the pictures taken, there is spillage of urine in the urine chamber since the pipe collecting urine to the jerrycan is not well directed, we advised her to use a flexible pipe to be connected from the out let to the Jerrican. We also realized that alot of education on the usage of the facility must be well conducted as we noticed that you kids confuses the urine hole for the feace hole.
Mama Angeline taught us how the fertilizer and urine are to be used in the farm and the procedure of handling it. Our members are now informed and will share with the rest of the members who did not visit.
In general those who visited the site included Martin, Paul, Wendy, Petronala and I got satisfied and wished to even own one at there homes. Wendy even used the latrine and liked it so much.
After the visit these members gave a big nod for this project at our Othoro office, We have therefore decided that we get the brick compressing machine as soon as possible to start making the bricks for the latrine. Meanwhile Martin, Paul and I are to draft an agreement with the landlord before we begin the work.
Warm Regards, James

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